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Studying in India can be an enriching and transformative experience.

India boasts the second-largest education system globally, with over 1000 universities and 42,000 colleges offering a vast array of programs.You can pursue studies in anything from traditional fields like medicine, engineering, and law to more specialized areas like Vedic studies, yoga, and wildlife conservation.The Study in India program facilitates applications to over 2600 courses across various disciplines.Compared to many Western nations, the cost of studying in India is significantly lower. This includes tuition fees, living expenses, and travel.

The Government of India offers scholarships and fee waivers to meritorious international students through the Study in India program,You'll get quality education at par with global standards, thanks to a blend of theoretical and practical learning in many institutions,India is a land of immense cultural diversity, with countless languages, religions, traditions, and cuisines to explore,Studying here allows you to immerse yourself in this vibrant tapestry and gain a deeper understanding of Indian life.

Studying in India can help you develop valuable skills like adaptability, independence, and intercultural communication,You'll gain a global perspective and make lifelong friends from around the world,The Indian government and educational institutions are committed to providing a smooth and enriching experience for international students,The Study in India program offers a centralized platform for applications, visa processing, and pre-departure guidance.

India Quick Facts & Figures

Capital New Delhi
Language Hindi, English (Many Regional Languages)
Population 1.35Billion
Acedemic Year September-June
Currency ~INR (Indian Rupees)
Calling Code +91
Time Zone GMT+5:30

6 Reasons That Makes India The Desired Location For Higher Education

  • High-Ranking Universities and Quality Education
  • Numerous Course Options are Offered
  • Top Programs at Reasonable Prices
  • Rich in Cultural Diversity
  • The Cost of Living is Quite Affordable
  • English is the Language of Education

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